Monday, 16 December 2013

Prayer Focus Update #1

This morning we gathered for our monthly prayer time for our local farming community and to pray for issues relating to Bovine TB.  During our discussions and prayer we felt that one of the key areas the Lord is encouraging us to focus our prayers is on the test that is used for Bovine TB.  We are praying that the Lord will inspire research scientists to develop a new more accurate test to reduce the number of false positives that cause additional stress and difficulty to both farmers and veterinary experts.

One of the farmers who is part of the Goshen Project is in the middle of TB testing.  We praise God that the first set of results have come back completely clear and are praying that the tests taking place this week will also show no sign of Bovine TB.  We are also praying for other farmers we know of who are facing TB testing this month.  If you are a farmer and would like prayer during these difficult times please do email

If the Lord has given you a heart to pray for the farming community of Wales, we would love to hear how he is directing your prayers.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Welcome to The Goshen Project

Welcome to the Goshen Project Website.  As you look around the website you'll hopefully find all the information you need to decide if you want to join us in this prayer adventure.  Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions, or you can comment below.

We know that there are many wonderful intercessors in Wales who have been faithfully praying for this nation - and beyond - for many years.  We hope that if the Lord has put the farming community on your heart you will be inspired by the Goshen Project vision.  A group of us are now meeting once a month in the Brecon Beacons to pray for our farms locally and nationally.  We hope to have many such groups doing the same across the country.

We are looking forward to seeing what the Lord does in response to our prayers for our Farming Community in Wales.